Powerful Viral Infographic Captures Deadly Killer (the lowly mosquito)

Mosquitoes: Deadliest Creatures on Earth
World’s Deadliest Animals: Number of People Killed by Animals per Year

Mosquitos: The Most Deadly Creature on Earth

Did you see this infographic? Something tells me you did.

No less than 5 friends and colleagues pointed this infographic out to me – and all of them understood that the Mosquito was the deadliest animal. They reached out to me because they know that I’m interested in data visualization and that I have a passion for making the world a better place through global public health efforts… but the most striking note for me was that they were all drawn into the story behind the infographic enough to read it and understand it, effectively communicating complex ideas quickly and clearly.


Data Visualization Approaches for Program Evaluation (and Beyond)

Wordle Word Cloud
Word cloud, created with Wordle from the text of a draft of this post. “Evaluation”, “data”, “participatory”, and “analysis” are some topics that become clear through Wordle’s word frequency processing.

Hub member Simone Parrish, Global Repository Director at the Knowledge for Health (K4Health Project) and fellow data viz aficionado, shares this great cross-post of practical tools and resources for data visualization. This is a cliff-notes version of Simone’s original blog post on the K4Health blog. Thanks Simone!

Looking for simple tools and resources as you work on visualizations?

There are a number of excellent, free, practical tools and resources for data visualization from the evaluation consultants at Innovation Network (particularly Johanna Morariu and Ann K. Emery, whose Excel kung fu was previously referenced on the DataViz Hub here: Hacking Beautiful Graphs in Excel). Check out:

Bonus Tip: Do you have a batch of interview transcripts or open-ended survey responses? Want to quickly get a sense of topics based on word frequency? Use Wordle (http://www.wordle.net/create).

This summary was also cross-posted to the Springboard for Health Communication.

New Interactive Map of US Development Initiatives

The Rethinking Development team over at the Center for Global Development has created an interesting, interactive mapping tool for identifying where USG-funded development initiatives are happening (by country). You can select aid, trade, or investment initiatives, and then generate a map by program stream or funding cycle.

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A visualization party trick with Hans Rosling & Bill Gates

For some Friday fun, take a look at how Hans Rosling moves away from his Gapminder visualizations and does a vaccine delivery party trick visualizing how many children receive vaccinations every year.

It’s important to remember that visualizations aren’t just charts and graphs: they’re powerful tools that can be created with locally available resources no matter where you are, whether its glasses, bottles, and juice at a cocktail party or sketch pads and markers at a community meeting.

If you have a great example of how you’ve visualized information with creative materials, share in the comments below!