The Data Viz Hub was created as a space to share examples of great visualizations, resources, tools, and ideas for making information accessible.

Our goals are:

  • to highlight simple visual principles that can improve basic visualizations,
  • share tools for viz creation, and
  • explore examples of great visualizations (and suggestions for how to remake viz fails)

Why we started: The Hub was conceived by an evaluator and communicator working in global health often siloed into their respective analysis and design spaces. We realized that while great visualizations are often created by teams of communicators, analysts, designers, and others, there wasn’t a community that brought international development experts from these different domains together in a meaningful way.  Sharing more resources and ideas we among all data viz enthusiasts is a great way to improve how we communicate information and make sure it’s used for good.

Community managers: Amanda Makulec, Erica Nybro, and Libby Skolnik.

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A space for communicators, evaluators, and other viz enthusiasts to connect, learn, and share resources.

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