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What data viz skills do you want to build?


We’re conducting a short survey on data viz training needs within the global development community, and would love if you would share your ideas by answering four questions.

The survey results will be used to better curate content for the Data Viz Hub, including sharing details about remote and in-person training workshops, as we reinvigorate this website as a resource for data viz enthusiasts in the development sector.

Data+Design: the data viz guide you always wished you had

I’m (personally) excited to announce that the new eBook Data+Design officially launched yesterday! As one of the man writers for the project, I’m thrilled to see the beautiful, practical, engaging final product go live and hopefully be a great resource to global health and development professionals around the world.


“A simple introduction to preparing and visualizing information,” this is the resource that I’ve always wanted but never had at my fingertips to share when colleagues ask for a good overview on data viz. The book walks through the full process of developing great visualizations that transform numbers into meaningful information, from collecting your data to thinking about how to best communicate your data story to building your chart and making it sing. As you read it, you’ll find stories, examples, and helpful how to’s and how-not-to’s that anyone can learn from.

The book hits on data cleaning, infographics, chart design, and is beautifully designed thanks to the volunteer contributions from graphic and web designers who helped make the PDF and web-based versions look stunning. The masterminds behind the whole project were Trina Chiasson (Infoactive) and Dyanna Gregory, and the final product is the work of more than 50 different collaborators who offered time and support writing, editing, managing timelines, and doing the design for the book itself.

As an evolving resource, the team is actively seeking feedback and ideas for new chapters, so take a look at the resource and share your comments.

July 31: AEA Coffeebreak Webinar on Interactive Reporting

Data Viz enthusiasts—got a free 30 minutes at 2 pm ET on July 31? Want to learn more about interactive reporting formats that could help manage the too-long report issue?


Spend it learning about some basic principles of developing interactive visualizations. Chris Lysy, cartoonist and visualizer extraordinaire is going to be sharing some of his insights and ideas from his work as a designer / systems analyst / evaluator, that’s sure to be well worth your 30 minutes. 

Learn more about the event over on his Fresh Spectrum blog, and register via GoToMeeting here.

2014 Humanitarian Data Viz Challenge

Check out this great opportunity to have your viz published!

The 2014 Humanitarian Data Visualization Challenge is sponsored by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). The purpose of the challenge is to “inspire original and creative interpretation and analysis of data that relates to humanitarian needs and response.” The winning entry will be featured in OCHA’s annual publication “World Humanitarian Data and Trends 2014” and will be awarded $2,000 to further develop the infographic.

For more information, check out the challenge website.

HT Leah Denise Wyatt at MEASURE Evaluation