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New Interactive Map of US Development Initiatives

The Rethinking Development team over at the Center for Global Development has created an interesting, interactive mapping tool for identifying where USG-funded development initiatives are happening (by country). You can select aid, trade, or investment initiatives, and then generate a map by program stream or funding cycle.

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Mapping High Impact Practices using Leaflet


Today’s contributor is Carla Briceno from Bixal, who shares the examples of building an interactive map work for the team at the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) program.

K4Health is working with USAID to support the promotion of high impact practices (HIPs). The primary goal of the map is to depict the location of projects around the world implementing HIPs in various categories to facilitate communication among program implementers and USAID missions in the field. The map also provides an easily digestible visual aid that family planning programs and technical experts around the world can use to advocate for the various high impact practices.

JHU engaged Bixal to develop a fully responsive, interactive, Drupal-based map feature to showcase HIPs related projects around the world. The mapping solution uses Leaflet, a lightweight JavaScript mapping technology and Drupal 7. The mapping solution offers a workflow so that family planning providers around the world can submit their information directly using intuitive forms for each type of HIP. Site administrators can then review each submission, approve and publish to the map and other areas of the website. Users can also export data on projects worldwide to an Excel file.

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Communication Programs (JHU∙CCP) is the lead implementer of the USAID-funded Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project.