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  1. I received an invite to this and thought I would share it:

    “the Tableau 8.2 Launch Roadshow – an educational celebration with networking, happy hour, and product demos.

    Tableau is all about making data analytics fast, easy, beautiful, and most importantly – useful. Helping people see and understand their data is what drives us. Join us for Tableau 8.2 Roadshow and transform the way you think about data for your organization while learning about the latest features from peer organizations.

    Roadshow Details:
    July 22nd at 1:30-5:00PM
    Mandarin Oriental, Downtown DC

    *Event is free, so spread the word to your colleagues and fellow Tableau fans.”

    Registration and agenda:

  2. PRB’s Digital Visualization highlights key global demographic trends. Explore current and projected population by region and country with our interactive radial population chart. Compare the changeovertime for three fundamental demographic indicators: total fertility, infant mortality and life expectancy. Discover the effects of racial and ethnic gaps on child poverty, child obesity, and college degrees in the U.S. through our U.S. “What-If” scenarios.

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