Learn more about the three women behind the Data Viz Hub!

Amanda Makulec, John Snow Inc. l My favorite data viz tool is: Tableau, for its simple, user-friendly interface, mapping features, and dashboard filters. It lets you play with data! l If I were a chart, I would be a: network map, finding ways to connect people from different organizations to create great collaborations. l My biggest data viz pet peeve is: overly cluttered graphs that attempt to communicate too much information in a small space. And anything made in the Excel default color palette.

At JSI, I work at the intersection of evaluation and communications, using data visualization to make data accessible for and visually compelling to various audiences. My data viz work ranges from graph makeovers for reports or presentations to building visualization capacity through presentations, coaching, and resource sharing.  I think the greatest power in elegant visualizations is the ability to make data accessible to any audience, and ultimately push people to actually use information (instead of letting it languish in a spreadsheet or report).


Erica Nybro, The DHS Program l My favorite data viz tool is:  STATcompiler which allows me to graph and map hundreds of indicators l If I were a chart, I would be a:  line graph, because I love to visualize changes over time. Trend data can validate our efforts and inspire us to work harder. l My biggest data viz pet peeve is:  3-D exploding pie charts!!

At The Demographic and Health Surveys Program, I use data visualization to communicate complex health information.  I work with program planners, policymakers, academics, and journalists to support data-driven decisions.  Sometimes this requires simple charts in a flyer or a PowerPoint, while other activities call for interactive online and mobile data viz platforms.  I love seeing a strong data story emerge through a clear, attractive data visualization.


Libby Skolnik, JHU-CCP My favorite data viz tool is: because I love using word clouds to complement meeting minutes or large reports. l If I were a chart, I would be a:  Social network map because I love to see the connections between people and ideas. l My biggest data viz pet peeve is:  Charts that don’t have effective captions or titles!

At the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs (JHU∙CCP), I use data visualization to make the connection between the Measurement, Learning & Evaluation (MLE) Project’s data and the programs designed by the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative. We use stories as the mechanism to unite data, text, photos, and videos. I think effective visualizations illuminate trends to tell a more engaging story, establish the connections between rigorous data collection and innovative program design, and make the data accessible and useable.

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