To join the Data Viz Hub listserv, please visit In less than 43 seconds, you’ll be part of a thriving community of data viz enthusiasts eager to share resources and learn from one another.

Once you’ve joined the listserv, to send a message to listserv members, please send an email with an accurate and descriptive subject line to dataviz [at] knowledge-gateway [dot] org. Your message will be put into the moderation queue.

The Data Viz Hub  was created for development workers to share ideas, ask questions, and connect with other visualization enthusiasts, but we welcome viz enthusiasts from any area of expertise. You can join the Data Viz Hub community by signing up for our listserve at the address above and by contributing content to the site.

As a listserve member, you can expect to receive intermittent posts with resources and ideas, plus a monthly digest of what’s new on the Data Viz Hub.

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A space for communicators, evaluators, and other viz enthusiasts to connect, learn, and share resources.

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